Teen Activities

Carnival Teens (age 12 - 15)

Carnival Teens enjoy a variety of activities including : pool party, volley ball, pizza pig-out, hairdressing, talent show, slide & sun, ping-pong tournaments, photography workshop, Sega/Nintendo video games.

Disney's Teen Activities

It's the ultimate place to hang. A New York-style coffee house complete with music, games and large-screen TV, even an Internet Cafe. It's Common Grounds, a place for teens ages 13 to 17 to meet on their own terms.

The Glow Jam
We light the night with our Glow Jam! Use a glowing array of sports equipment or just hang out and listen to music. These sports are as much fun to watch, as they are to play!
Teen Karaoke
Future rock stars - join us in Studio Sea for the audition of your life and showcase your talents.
Teen Hawaiian Pool Party
Don't miss the farewell party. Enjoy dancing, pool games, Float Ball, pass the Orange, enter the Cannonball Contest, win at Ping Pong, Shuffleboard. Use your DJ training.

NCL Teen Activities (ages 13-17)

NCL entertains Teens throughout the daytime and into the evening. By day, Teens enjoy pool parties, volleyball and basketball, The Newlymet Game and trivia contests. Evenings are filled with NCL's Broadway-style shows and spectaculars, line dancing, teen disco and special theme parties.

Royal Caribbean's Navigators Teen Program

The best thing about Royal Caribbean's Teen program is that it's not structured. Royal's 12- to 17-year-old guests can join activities and games when they want to or just chill with friends in our teen-only lounge. And parents don't have to worry about their teens hanging out there, because every member of RCI's teen staff holds a college degree in education, recreation or a related field and has experience working with youth ages 3-17.

Activities young teens might enjoy include:

Theme Nights:
Dress in your coolest whites at "Dusk" and get your graffiti on at our "Warehouse" theme night.
Icebreakers Wild and crazy games run by our teen staff. A great way to make new friends!!!
Improve Games
Quick. How many one-liners do you know? Test your wittiness with some improvisation.
Be a dude for a day (or a week) and learn to surf on our surf simulator. (Available on select ships.)
Scratch DJ Academy
Scratch, mix and spin with the masters so you can go home and impress your friends. (Available on select ships.)
Mocktail Competition
Blend up a batch of your favorite beverages and enter your concoction in our contest.
Oh, it is so on! Do you have what it takes to be the last one standing?
Open Mic and Talent Show
Divas and Divos, the stage is yours at the coolest talent contest on water!
From figure eights to free-styling, the ice-skating rink is yours on all Voyager and Freedom class ships!
Teen BBQ
Round up your appetite for a yummy BBQ - just for teens!
Dive-In Movie and Pool Party
Watch your fave flicks while playing in the pool. Life is good onboard!
Meet the Stars Backstage
Get a special behind-the-scenes look with a teens-only tour.
LOL & LOLA at the DDR! (That's Dance Dance Revolution - just in case.)
Teen Casino
There's a jackpot with your name on it, so get ready to roll the dice!
Unplugged Jam Sessions
The unsung guitar guru in the group has a place to shine - as loudly as they want!
Snowball Fight in the Caribbean
You know what's really cool? A snowball fight at sea! BYOM (bring your own mittens)!
Climbing Competition
Whoever makes it to the top first wins! Are you up for the challenge of our rock wall?

Hours of Activities: Activities are scheduled throughout the day and early evening. The Teen Center is open from 10:30 PM- 2:00AM each evening. Teens are welcome to come and socialize and participate in activities, make new friends and dance to the latest hits.

Princess Teens
Icebreakers: Icebreakers Wild and crazy games run by our teen staff. A great way to make new friends!!!
Movie Madness: complete with comfy mats, pillows, chips, sodas and vegetable sticks!!
Teen Walk-A-Mile or Basketball: A great way to earn Cruisercize Cash to spend in our shops on board.
Origami: Birds, whales, fish, you name it, we'll teach you.
Graffiti Wall: Bring your imagination and mark your territory.
Jenga: see who has the steadiest hand? Get your name on the Guiness Wall of World Records.
Princess Teen Club "Scavenger Hunt": Who can recruit the most teens on board to our program? Prizes!!!
I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For�: Chocolate and Vanilla Sundaes with all your favorite toppings.
Beauty Salon: Need help with your nails or hair? Come on out and we'll give you a hand.
Decorator's Call: Help spice up the center for a huge party tonight!
Free arcade games: For teens only! Hurry as we only do this once a cruise!
Karaoke: Come warm up your vocal cords��
Teen Disco Party: Let's light up the dance floor and get the party started. "Freeze Dancing," "Snowballing" and much more! Fruit and Jell-O served to keep your tummies tempted!
Friendship Bracelets: Make Souvenirs for friends at home or newfound ones on board.
Talent Show Sign-Up: Bring all your creative ideas to Wired and we'll make up an act to do in the passenger talent show at the end of the cruise!! Or an Afternoon Flick, your choice.
First Nations Totem Pole Construction: What totem represents you?
Win, Lose or Draw: Is it a bird, a plane or is it�?
Disney Trivia: How well do you know your Disney movies?
Pizza Party Commences: Vegetarian or cheese, your choice. A fruit plate is also available for those health fanatics!!
Pajama Party Begins: Wear your pajamas and bring your teddy bears. The fun is just beginning with a Bubble Gum Blowing Contest, Where's Tommy, Mummy Wrap, Hula Hoop Twirling Contest and much more� See you there!
Scary Movie Madness: Hold on to your socks and remember to look over your shoulder cause you never know when�
Jigsaw Puzzle Competition: Who can put the puzzle together the fastest? No cheaters now!!
Alaskan Seafood Buffet: Giant shrimp, seafood, chocolate pastries, jumbo cookies, exotic fruit and more. Horizon Court Deck 14 forward!!
Parlor Games: Have you ever played Animal Fish Beast? Or how about one of your old time childhood favorites, Uno?
Body Tattooing: Pick a totem or native symbol that best represents you and we'll paint it on you.
Beaded Key Chains: Design the animal of your choice and we will help you put it together.
Country and Western Night: Get your jeans and cowboy boots on, cause we're heading down to the Horizon Court to learn some line dancing. Yahoo! Partner!
Teen Feud: Come out for Princess' version of the famous TV show. Remember, it's the top answers surveyed, so take your time.
Dating Game: Perhaps tonight is the night you will meet someone special or just have fun in the audience cheering!! Bring your friends because we need lots of Teens for this event!
Jacuzzi Party: We'll be hot-tubbing it, on deck 14 aft. This will be an experience worth trying! Bring your bathing suits and towels.
Astrology: What is your destiny? Or soul mate?
Tea Time: Tea and cookies.
Navigational Bridge Tour
Viva Las Vegas: For one night only, we allow the teens to play various casino games. Winnings that can be used in our Prize Auction!
Beauty Workshop!: For the glitzy and glamorous, get your nails painted and more!
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