Cruisers Under 5

Minimum ages vary somewhat based upon cruise line. Royal Caribbean allows cruisers as young as 6 months to 3 years to participate in children's activities with a parent. Disney has a supervised nursery program for children as young as 3 months onboard and has organized activities for children at the age of 3. Carnival and NCL currently have organized programs for children as young as 2 years old. As a general rule, organized programs for young children aboard ships require that the child be potty-trained.

Cruise lines have group babysitting available for children who are not potty trained, hours for group babysitting vary by cruise line. Disney has organized group babysitting for children as young as 12 weeks old. Other lines also have group babysitting starting with children 6 months or older, but beware that most cruise line policies regarding minimum age for babysitting vary by ship. Because age requirements for babysitting vary by ship and cruise line, be sure to let your Vacation Specialist know about your family's babysitting needs prior to making a decision on a specific ship.

Toddlers (2-5)

Kids Will Have A Blast! There's never been a better time to take a family vacation at sea. Toddler activities include:

Fun Ship Bingo, Cartoon Time, Sponge Painting, Sing-Alongs, Face Painting, Sega/Nintendo video games, arts & crafts, drawing contests.

Sample Activities for Ages 3-4*

Only Disney can take little cruisers on a daily voyage to a world devoted to fun and fantasy. Disney's Oceaneer Club offers age-specific activities guaranteed to transport young minds to the edge of their imagination. Guided along the way by Disney counselors, of course. As an added convenience, parents are given pagers so families are always in touch.

"Mouseketeer Training/Inspection"
Children train to be Mouseketeers, practice marching, match up Disney Friends, watch a video clip of 1950's Mouseketeer show opening. MICKEY MOUSE comes to inspect his new Mouseketeers and lead them in a march to the Lab.

"Where's Tinkerbell"
An adventure with clues to help find TINK's hiding place. Hopefully she will make a very magical appearance.

"Hat's off to Peter Pan"
Help celebrate everybody's birthday in Never Land, but watch out for Captain Hook who wants to break up the party.

*Sample activities are subject to change without notice.

Junior Sailors (ages 2-5)

In addition to regularly scheduled hours for days spent at sea, including (7:00p.m.-10:00p.m.), NCL's "Kids Crew" group babysitting program is now available on port days for group sitting from (9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.) and every evening from (10:00p.m.-1:00a.m.) for a nominal fee, providing children with even more occasions to enjoy the creative activities that have been specifically designed for them. Activities are organized according to age group.

The "Kid's Crew" program includes a plethora of supervised games, T-shirts for design painting and a Mom and Dad's Night Out. Children receive their own Cruise News detailing daily events. A complimentary chef's hat, also included in the program, is essential for creative cooking classes where children can make decorative pizzas or cookies. NCL's autograph/scrapbooks make perfect mementos of the kids' experiences and friendships. Junior cruisers can even celebrate their birthdays on the high seas with NCL's special "Kid's Crew" birthday parties.

An exceptionally qualified staff of trained counselors run NCL's "Kid's Crew" program in a safe and secure environment. The staff attends special training courses on team and confidence building, communication skills, safety and working with children who have special needs. The fleet wide program is available year-round and is free of charge.

Activities for Junior Sailors are now available year-round. Junior Sailors are amused by storytelling, T-shirt painting, arts and crafts, face painting, magic shows and Circus at Sea. Outdoor and indoor games provide endless hours of fun.

Aquanauts (age 3-5)

The Aquanauts' program has been designed specifically for children ages 3 to 5. A member of our Youth Staff is always supervising all activities, which include:

Adventure Science - Conducted by our specially-trained Adventure Scientists, this program combines fun and hands-on science experiments. Featured programs include: Wacky Water Workshop, Magnetic Mayhem, H2O Thunder Races, Gummy Candies and Bubbling Potions.

Adventure Art by Crayola- These activities acquaint kids with diverse cultures through art. Children are introduced to the fine art of Japanese fish printing called Gyotaku. Aquanauts also decorate pillowcases, make pet rocks and draw ships for the Captain.

Sail Into Storytime - These theme related storytime sessions bring each story to life with activities, discussions on each story and hands-on activities for the children to participate in following each reading.

Other Games and Theme Activities - Nutty Nicknames, Un-Birthday Party, Cookie Creations, Ice Cream Party, Rock-N-Roll Party, Face Painting, Pirate Night, Talent Show, Country Western Night, Pajama Rama Movie Night and Carnival Night.

Out Island Activities on CocoCay and Labadee - Aquanauts can enjoy Adventure Beach activities on itineraries that call to CocoCay and Labadee. Kids can join the Adventure Ocean Staff and participate in Sand Castle Building, Drip Drip Drop, Adventure Family Water Balloon Toss, Beach Relays, Parachute Games and Tug of War. Your little ones can also participate in a fun-filled track experience in kid-sized battery operated Fisher-Price vehicles on CocoCay. These Cadillac Escalades and Barbie Jammin' Jeeps travel approximately 2-4 mph and will accommodate children up to 130 pounds.

Coupons and Prizes - Every time Aquanauts participate in Adventure Ocean activities they earn Adventure Ocean coupons. At the end of the cruise vacation kids can trade their coupons in for cool Adventure Ocean prizes!

Sample Activities for 3-7 year olds:
Bead Jewelry: Make a pretty present for your family and friends.
Tattoo & Body Painting: Add some color and sunshine to your skin!
Draw the Sea Princess: Best picture gets a prize!
Wacky Whales: Buttons, sequins, what will you decorate with?
Crazy Golf: Try our own version of golf.
Flying French-Fries: Sound intriguing? Meet in the Fun Zone to find out!
Hide the Huskie: All eyes closed for this game of hide and seek.
Ice Cream Bash: Take a break, it's ice cream time!
Glitter Art: Make a sparkling jewel or a fancy picture. This will be fun!
B-I-N-G-O!!!: It's time to earn more prizes! Listen very carefully!
Movie Madness: Lights out! It's movie time, folks! Sssshhhhh�..
Totem Poles: Learn a bit about totem history and make one, too.
Ring Toss: A game of accuracy and concentration. Prizes are at stake!
Draw the Captain: The Captain will even sign yours as a keepsake!
Bowling Blow Out: Who will knock all the pins down?
Pompom Bears: We add these furry creatures to our Alaska mural.
Lego and Block Building: Make a skyscraper or a city with your friends.
Name that Disney Tune!: How well do you know your Disney movies? For prizes�
Fish Painting: Calling all artists! Will you make a rainbow fish?
Save Our Seas: Learn about ways we can protect our seas and wildlife.
Friendship Wreath: Join hands with your fellow cruisers.
Stamp It Art: Make your own creation with this cool art idea.
Pasta Pictures: We won't eat this pasta, we'll make a picture with it.
Candyland Tournament: Who can be the first one to the castle?
Alaska Doodle Art: You choose the picture, we'll provide the color.
Pick Up Sticks: Have you ever played this one? Get ready for a classic.
Bridge Tour: Join us to see where the Captain drives the ship!
Crazy 8's Tourney: win this tournament and win yourself a medal!
Hula-Hoop Contest: Move your hips to keep the hoop moving!
Treasure Quest: A kiddie version of the famous scavenger hunt.
3-D Tissue Art: Make another masterpiece to post on the wall!
Morning Mini-Olympics!: We'll play games for medals! Space Journey, Long Jump, Golf Putting, Target Shooting, Rainbow Shootouts and more!
Water Break!!: Time to chill out after all that fun!
Picture Frames: Design your own picture frame with buttons or shells!
Beauty Workshop!: For the glitzy and glamorous, get your nails painted and more!
Birthday Party Time!: Bring out the cake and ice cream. Time to celebrate!
Pajama Party: Wear your most comfortable jammies and gather 'round some popcorn and cookies as we get together for fun games and prizes! Watch out for the Great Twister Competition, Nursery Rhyme Trivia, Pass the Parcel and more! Oh! Get Ready for "Pin the tail on the Moose."
Kid's Dinner: just for kids! Don't miss out!
Crazy Kid's Disco: Get those dancing shoes on! Do the YMCA, Conga, Macarena, Chicken Dance, and more!
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