So Much to Do

Many of today's itineraries can position you in an exciting port of call each day of your itinerary, while others offer a mix between relaxing days at sea and ports of call. Your Vacation Specialist can provide you with a variety of itineraries based upon your desired activity level during your vacation. Many experienced cruisers look for itineraries with more time at sea, while other travelers want a new port each day. Knowing what you want to do in advance will assist your Vacation Specialist in presenting you with the options that meet your needs. Here's a summary of what type of activities are available in port and at sea.

Activities in Port

When your ship arrives in port, you can choose to take a shore excursion in the port or go exploring on your own. Photo Courtesy of Holland America Since your time in port is limited, most cruise passengers choose to take shore excursions. Although cruise lines offer shore excursions on-board, you can save quite a bit by booking your excursions in advance through your Vacation Specialist. Usually these excursions are being offered by the same tour company that offers the excursions to the cruise line. There are advantages in booking in advance. First, you are assured that you will be able to take the tour in advance, which is something cruise lines don't typically provide. Secondly, you get a big discount off the same excursion when booked with your Vacation Specialist in advance.

Excursions include sightseeing of historical landmarks and points of interest, sailing or fishing excursions, golf excursions, and beach excursions. If your group would like to do a custom excursion that is exclusive for your group, we can arrange that too. Just let us know what you are looking to do and chances are that we have contacts that can get it done.

Activities At Sea

Aboard a modern cruise ship, there's plenty to do for adults and children. In fact, no other vacation meets the needs of multigenerational vacation like a cruise. With a wide variety of activities and facilities available to cruisers, you can do it all or nothing at all. Its all your choice. Here's a sample of some activities that are available aboard some of today's cruise ships:

Entertaining Exciting Relaxing Informative
Comedy Acts
Casino Gaming
Broadway Shows
Musical Performances
Ice Skating
Rock Climbing
Spa Treatments
Reading a book
Watch a movie
Cooking Demonstrations
Port Lecturers
Galley Tours
Art Auctions
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